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House Under Shadows

Area: 1672 Sq. M.

Location: Karnal, Haryana

Status: Complete, 2021

The recently completed House Under Shadows is a prominent near net-zero residential structure that achieves reduced solar direct and diffused radiation by 50% through digital modelling using parametrics and passive design strategies – an architectural response to the extreme weather in North India. The 1672 sq.m integrated double-family residence redefines the ‘Indian-Modern’ taking cues from the vernacular and from nature’s self-forming elements and patterns like Voronoi to minimize energy consumption throughout.

The design highlight is the parametrically crafted omnipresent double-roof that canopies the vast footprint of the horizontally-spread double unit structure. The Voronoi-patterned double roof is made of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) that results in an ephemeral play of light and shade with surprising shadows dynamic with diurnal and seasonal changes.

In proximity with Noor Mahal, the residence is a reinterpretation of the architectural language of the traditional Indian ‘havelis’ and ‘chhatris’ with courtyard enabling social cohesion, and transition spaces enabling movement, natural ventilation and daylight. Also, the unique landscaping strategy incorporates vertical greens to avoid heat island effect and facilitate evapotranspiration to maintain the microclimate of the residence.

Concept and Drawings

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