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Cantilever House, Ghaziabad

Area: 500 Sq. yard

Location: Ghaziabad

Status: Complete, 2019

The Cantilever House, designed to accommodate a family of four, features a mix of modern as well as natural elements that come together to create this home. Completed in 2019 and located in Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad, the design of the house is driven by the clients' love for outdoor landscapes and spaces and this has remained a driving factor for the entire design.


The house is a mix of varying spaces that are versatile and remain functional throughout the day. The leading principle for the design was to create an interesting interplay of private and living spaces that would enable some members of the family to have privacy while the others could actively use the living spaces. The living spaces, courtyards, and bedrooms are all laid out keeping the harsh weather in mind as well. As a result the house is serene and cool, as well as adaptive to active living.

Concept and Drawings

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