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St. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon

Girls Hostel Block

Area: 25,000 sq. ft

Location: Gurugram

Status: Complete, 2020

The design idea behind this project was to create a building that functions as a social hub. To create a place where students from diverse backgrounds could interact, socialize, and learn from each other.

Since the budget was limited, the structure was kept simple. Hence, the necessary elements like a staircase was redefined as social hubs. The heart of the building lies in the staircase that beautifully adorns the south facade and connects all the floors. The bridges that connect the building and the staircase were further crafted into lounges where the students could fraternize, do group work, combined studies or just relax and talk. These bridges are visually and acoustically connected to each other, hence enhancing interaction not only at the eye level but on different levels. These bridges then extend seamlessly indoors as student lounges at each floor level.   The staircase is screened from the outside by a parametrically designed screen which was built using pigmented hollow concrete blocks. It meticulously screens the building from the outside without blocking the view from the inside. Hence, screening the girl’s hostel without interrupting the visual bond between the students and open areas outside. The screen helped the architect in achieving three things:

  1. Sense of privacy inside the girl’s hostel

  2. Ventilation throughout the building, a transition space between the extremely hot climate outside to the cool rooms inside

  3. Reducing solar gain

The internal landscape court on the ground floor is heavily planted to further reduce the heat gain.

Concept and Drawings

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